Fun Facts about the Mile High City

Did you know?


Colorado has low property taxes and a flat income tax rate at 4.63%. Although sales tax varies by city, Colorado has a state sales tax rate of 2.9%. The total sales tax in Denver, including state, county and city taxes is 8.31%.

Cooking at a Mile High:
Be sure to check for the high-altitude instructions when cooking and baking in Denver. Temperatures and/or bake times will need to be increased. Dough rises faster and amounts of ingredients will often need to be adjusted.

Fun Facts about Denver, Colorado:
1. Denver boasts one of the most walkable and bikeable downtowns in the nation.
2. Ranks as one of the most educated populations in America.
3. Denver is leading the country in sustainability practices.
4. Denverites love their booze! The city is home to around 150 breweries, more than 50 distilleries, and 21 urban wineries. Which makes sense when you learn that the first structure in Denver was a saloon.
5. Led Zeppelin performed their very first American concert at the old Denver Auditorium Arena on December 26, 1968.
6. Colfax avenue is the longest continuous street in America.
7. Casa Bonita from South Park is a real place. So is South Park.
8. Crime rate is significantly lower than other US Cities of the same size.
9. In honor of the Colorado Gold Rush in 1858, the state capitol building was built with a very distinctive and real 24k gold dome.
10. 10. Denver has one of the largest park systems in the nation.

Population estimate as of July 2018: 716,492
High school graduate or higher education for ages 25 and up: 87.1%
Mean travel time to work: 25.4 minutes
Denver Elevation: 5280 ft
Median age: 34